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Milk and / or water are available at all times


Morning snack: Raisins.

Lunch: Fish fingers, wedges and carrot and Swede. Mixed fruit flapjack.

Afternoon snack: Raisins.

Tea: Tuna Pasta Salad. Ice cream and wafer.


Morning snack: Apple Slices.

Lunch: Pasta Bolognaise with hidden vegetables and crusty bread. Yogurt and fruit.

Afternoon snack: Apple slices.

Tea: Vegetable Pizza with cucumber and peppers. Fruit Crumble.


Morning snack: Breadsticks.

Lunch: Chicken in onion gravy with mixed veg and boiled potatoes. Shortbread.

Afternoon snack: Breadsticks.

Tea: Vegetable soup and wholemeal bread. Yogurt and fruit.


Morning snack: Cucumber chunks.

Lunch: Cauliflower cheese and mash. Scones and jam.

Afternoon snack: Cucumber chunks.

Tea: Sausage rolls with carrot sticks and tomatoes. Bananas Mousse.


Morning snack: Pear slices.

Lunch: Meat Pie and roast potatoes. Sponge and custard.

Afternoon snack: Pear slices.

Tea: Ham and cheese sandwiches on granary bread with lettuce and tomato. Yogurt and fruit

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